Link to Sex Offenders Website

Here's a link to the sex offenders in our area. Click here 

**Note there are currently 18 people convicted of sex crimes living in a 2 mile radius of our subdivision


Our neighborhood has a no solicitation policy. There have been some vendors going door to door lately. If you see people doing this please call the sheriff's office and they will come and escort them out. If we all keep an eye out, it will keep our neighborhood safe. (This policy does not apply to Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, etc.)

Alligators in the Bayou

Occasionally, alligators are spotted in the bayou and possibly in the lakes in the neighborhood. 

Please take caution around the bayou and lakes and keep pets and children away from the water's edge.

Under the "Links" section of this website there is a link to the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries website that provides information and recommendations for alligator encounters.


Homeowners...log into the homeowners section of the website for important updates about neighborhood issues.  The board will communicate important information on the password protected section of the site.  This section is for low priority general information only.


We know a lot of people are planning to update the paint on their homes.  Keep in mind, even if you are repainting the same colors, the board needs to approve the painting.  This is to protect the homeowner as well as the neighborhood.  Contact a member of the architectural control committee or a board member to get your colors approved.